Summer is here with a bang! The team at Nunu Educational were grinning ear to ear during a site visit to one of our customers during the heat wave yesterday. The hot weather did not stop the kids or the amazing staff –water and imagination were the theme of the day. The kids had some stimulating water play using one of our sand and water tables filled with magnetic floating letters; and imagined that they were enjoying a refreshing ice-cream snack in the shade with a recent order of colourful Alpha Pops. Clear buckets filled with shells offered extra play value, allowing the kids an unobstructed view inside their water world. The more resilient kids were even riding around on three-wheel scooters; a must have for any school yard. The heat could not stop them! The school came alive with chalk art. The kid’s creativity and talent was amazing. Of course our Jumbo Chalk helped offer the little artists an array of colour at an unbeatable value. What an amazing day. We are lucky to have such wonderful clients. Looking forward to all the summer-activities that are to come. Our representatives are full of summer-based ideas and product suggestions. Feel free to give us a call at any time or even just send us your summer-play ideas so we can share with everyone!